Milos Vucicevic

     Videopark has existed for 7 years. It always intended to create programs for the public that aim to resolve some of the main topics that people needed from this place, their style of living, mentality and philosophy of life. The first “field trip” of a new residency program took place at the beginning of July in 2021 and started an inquiry that aimed at the creation of relationships between humans, history, nature, weather, music, science and art. Exploring the town of Užice, and its smaller parts and surrounding villages, Stapari, and Kadinjaca, we were navigating between past and present reflecting on matters of concern that could make us think and reflect on its past and hospitable nature. 

     Awareness regarding the main questions that this rural communities are facing: depopulation and exodus of young people from the surrounding villages, searching for better lives in bigger cities or foreign economically more promising countries and rethinking the ideological part of its historical paradigms. This situation represents a trend that can be observed in many countries as well in austria. With this in our minds we set up a new task in front of us. A task that many of us want to avoid because its a scary to even think about it. A future of humanity. It is well known that where even a small part of the mechanism is working, that behavior could happen anywhere else.