Milos Vucicevic

Bare island / installation / performance / Video / color / FullHD / 06:23min / 2021

The island is naturally isolated with strong winds and currents in the surrounding sea, 

There were no trees or drinking water on it and it was not inhabited, so it was ideal for 

a kind of Yugoslav gulag. 


Offering a stone as a sacrifice for the sake of prosperity. An island torn from the world 

inhabited by those who cooperated with Informbiro, and later by all those who did not 

want to obey Yugoslav regime. A seemingly forgotten model of instilling fear among the 

inhabitants of the so-called utopian ideal. Events from the past that reciprocally return to 

the future, can we escape the past?  In which way theislands like this, not in this form, 

still exist today?